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We're family Weston

Our journey together started when we met as a result of an advert looking for love in a travel magazine. Since then, we’ve travelled, lived abroad and recently returned to the UK from a 12-years living in the Netherlands with two boys in tow


We moved to Scotland in a leap of faith, on a quest to live in the nature, experience space and spend our days and nights gazing at the hills and big starry skies. We’re always on an adventure that’s why we thought it would be nice to meet other adventurers and share the beautiful place we live with others to have their own micro-adventures


We are trying to reduce our impact on the planet so we have developed a space which reflects that, minimizing waste and hopefully making you smile and enjoy it at the same time. We hope to inspire those that visit to do the same at home whilst breathing in oodles of fresh air on the windswept hills

Oliver, Thomas, Jo, Gareth

Our Upcycle Challenge

Before we started sourcing furnishings and fixtures and fittings for the Loft we set ourselves a challenge. Would it be possible to do it in a more responsible way, and avoid buying anything new?

So, the hunt began. We spent 3 months scouring charity shops, the local re-use center and trawling endless adverts on Gumtree, Ebay and Facebook. It took a while longer than buying new but every find felt like a victory. 

Did we succeed? Well, almost. The shower tray and toilet brush were new in the bathroom and some of the bedding was new (but unwanted in original packaging from EBay)! 

The most astonishing thing was how much stuff people are just throwing away or surplus to requirement. Perfectly good floors, kitchens, tiles..some designer, some vintage, just waiting for a new home.

And.....for those who want a financial motivation - guess how much we saved? More than £10,000 ! 

You can read about the different rooms and furnishings in our gallery.

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Each year we support a different charity

The Hopscotch foundation

HopScotch Children’s Charity began in 1998 with a vision to provide respite breaks for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. 

Children come from all over Scotland to experience a memorable and dynamic weeks holiday. They arrive from difficult home circumstances or needing respite from a range of responsibilities as young carers.


For just £350 they can provide a child with a holiday. We will donate £5 per night stayed at the Loft this year to this charity.

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